Located in the foothills of Arkansas’ beautiful Ouachita Mountains and just a stone’s throw away from the rugged Cossatot River, Cossatot Analytics Laboratories, abbreviated “CAna Labs,” delivers a variety of crucial domestic outsourcing services to the computing industry. Our services include system level validation, performance testing and analysis, energy consumption characterization, software tools and custom benchmark development.

We focus on serving CPU manufacturers, operating system vendors and computer system OEMs. We also provide product qualification services for merchants, government agencies and corporate purchasing agents. All of our services are delivered under strict confidentiality.

CAna Labs conducts system level validation services across several hundred benchmarks and applications running on Microsoft and Linux operating systems. Basic peripheral testing is included.

CAna Labs executes performance tests under rigorous conditions to ensure result reproducibility and establish result validity. Our performance analysis is industry proven.

CAna Labs also produces custom validation software tools and custom benchmarks created in a variety of high level languages, x86 assembler and AutoIT scripting (AutoIT scripting is limited to Windows platforms).

About Cossatot Analytics Laboratories

Van Smith is the founder of CAna Labs. For nearly eight years, Van worked for the x86 microprocessor designer Centaur Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of VIA Technologies. At Centaur, Van was head of benchmarking where he oversaw performance testing for R&D, system level validation and marketing purposes.

Van’s performance analysis helped VIA become the world’s largest supplier of thin client CPUs. Van also contributed to the VIA Nano’s performance improvements by conducting a variety of performance experiments for Centaur’s logic team.

Van created benchmarks, validation tools and testing software for Centaur and VIA. Van has worked closely with many benchmark designers and has influenced and/or directly contributed to several major computer benchmarks. Van represented VIA Technologies within the BAPCo consortium.  Van is currently a Supporting Contributor for the SPECpower subcommittee and SPEC recent gave him an award for his work on SERT.

Van is also an accomplished computer industry analyst, writer and software designer.

Van has a degree in physics and was granted a Top Secret Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information clearance. He achieved the highest score on record in the U.S. Army’s Nuclear Weapons Maintenance program.


Please send inquiries to contact@canalabs.com.

2 Responses to About

  1. Kannaiyan Balaji says:

    Hi Van,

    Nice work. I am interested in pushing ARM into datacenter. Would like to see if I can collaborate in any of benchmark test.


    • admin_van says:

      ARM will soon find a firm footing in data centers.

      I have worked on a few serious benchmarks that run on ARM servers, primarily through SPEC, so that all of that work is confidential.

      Right now, my time is so limited that I cannot do anything outside of current work and family obligations. Perhaps six months in the future my life will have settled down enough to have a little spare time.

      If you are interested in creating a cross-platform benchmark, take a look at the miniBench source code that I have published on github. It is a very good starting point.

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